Mission Planner for DCS: World

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  1. Using the Admin Tool, select a mission file from your hard drive and create a new instance. I recommend leaving the tab with the admin tool open in the background so you won't have to type in the admin URL and re-select your mission in step 4.
  2. Give out the "Red URL" and "Blue URL" to the respective side's players. Keep the "Admin URL" in a safe place.
  3. Enter the instance URL for the side you want to connect to (Red or Blue) into the field below and click Connect.
  4. Collaboratively edit the waypoints.
  5. Using the "Save Mission" button in the admin tool, download the edited mission and start a DCS Server with it. If you closed the admin tool in the meantime, you will have to enter the admin URL and re-select the same mission you used to create the instance.

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This Mission Planner is based on the great work of many other people. I want to thank the authors of the following works; without them, this project would not have been possible.

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